Clear sight for everyone!

 lens with key coatings

Transparency in prices

Lapaire is here for clear sight for everyone!

We offer packages (Frame + Lens with key coatings) at set prices to make the purchase of eyeglasses more transparent and the purchase experience smoother. 

We believe that all customers should be treated equally whatever their eye problem, therefore we offer the same price whatever the lens power.  

Our customers will never pay more than expected, there are no hidden costs.

stylish frames

Value for Money

We offer long lasting products and a wide range of stylish frames at affordable prices. All our products include key coatings for a comfortable and clear vision.

Flexible Payment

Flexible Payment

Because we want to help our customers further,  we propose flexible payment terms to allow customers to pay when they can.

Customer service

Customer service

We listen carefully to our customers, understand their exact needs and go above & beyond to satisfy them. We believe that all our customers should be smiling after interacting with us. 

We are experts in eye health and feel responsible to share our knowledge with our customers to increase awareness about eye health and eyeglasses.

Our Optometrists are experts in their area and they  offer concrete solutions to answer our customers’ eye problems.